About the Project


The I-515 Southbound Auxiliary Lane was an outcome of NDOT’s I-515 Alternatives Development Study, originally programmed in 2015 to identify operational and safety improvements along the I-515 (US 95/93) corridor between MLK Blvd and Wyoming Ave in downtown Las Vegas. The I-515 Bridge Replacements are the result of an award of a competitive FHWA bridge grant in 2019 to replace the structurally deficient bridge superstructures on I-515 over Eastern Ave and Desert Inn Road.

Project Area

The project is located on I-515 (US 95/93) in downtown Las Vegas, extending from I-15 to the Eastern Avenue Interchange, and including the I-515/Desert Inn Road Bridge.

Major Construction Elements

NDOT's I-515 Viaduct Rehab project will extend the near-term service life of the I-515 (US 95) viaduct (elevated bridge structure) in downtown Las Vegas.  There are three major construction components to this project:

• Rehabilitation of the I-515 viaduct between the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and 21st St

• Addition of a southbound auxiliary lane between the Spaghetti Bowl and Eastern Ave

• Bridge Replacements at Eastern Ave and Desert Inn Rd

I-515 Major Work Elements: Spaghetti Bowl to 28th St

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I-515 Major Work Elements: Charleston to Flamingo

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Viaduct Rehab

The goal of the viaduct rehabilitation component is to extend the useful life of the existing viaduct structures until a replacement facility with higher capacity can be constructed, while limiting simultaneous ramp closures and accelerating construction completion.

Southbound Auxiliary Lane

The goals of the southbound auxiliary lane component include improving traffic flow and travel time reliability, improving overall safety, minimizing property acquisition and environmental impacts, and accommodating future infrastructure improvements.

I-515 Bridge Replacements

The goal of the Eastern Avenue and Desert Inn Bridge component is to replace the structurally deficient bridge superstructures at these locations.






January 2013

I-515 Viaduct Rehabilitation

Final Design

May 2015

I-515 Alternatives Study

Corridor Study

November 2017

I-515 Southbound Auxiliary Lane

Final Design

October 2019

I-515 Bridge Replacements

Final Design

September 2020

NEPA Approval (Combined Project)

Categorical Exclusion

December 2020

I-515 Combined Project Construction


June 27, 2021

I-515 Combined Project Construction

Construction Start


The project is required to be completed in 370 working days. Mechanisms to accelerate contract completion include:

• Six-day workweek required (Monday – Saturday)
• Incentives paid for early completion = $16,250 per day ($1.38M maximum)
• Disincentives charged for late completion = $16,250 per day (with no limit)
• Liquidated damages charged for late completion = $11,300 per day (in addition to disincentives)

Under a standard 5-day workweek, the 370 working days would require 74 weeks to complete the project, plus weather days and holidays. If the full incentive amount is earned by the contractor, the project will be completed in 285 working days, or 48 weeks, plus weather days and holidays.

This information is subject to change. At this time, the project is anticipated to be complete in late December 2022.


Bid Opening

January 2021


Contract Award

March 2021

Notice to Proceed

June 2021

Substantial Completion

August 2022