Project Components

The I-515 Viaduct Rehab Project, starting construction June 27, 2021, will be a combination of three distinct elements:


• Repair and overlay entire 1.2M square foot deck surface
between UPRR and 21st St

• Reconstruct Casino Center off ramp hinge

• Seismically retrofit selected pier columns


• Provide one additional southbound lane between I-15 and Eastern Avenue

• Relocate the existing median barrier and restripe the existing viaduct with narrower (11’) lanes and shoulders

• Widen Eastern Avenue southbound off-ramp to two lanes


• Reconstruct Eastern Avenue Bridge

• Reconstruct Desert Inn Road Bridge


Viaduct Rehabilitation

■ Extend the useful life of the existing viaduct structures until a replacement facility with higher capacity can be constructed

■ To the extent possible, limit ramp closures during construction to only one ramp closure at a time

■ Accelerate construction completion

Southbound Auxiliary Lane

■ Improve traffic flow and travel time reliability

■ Improve overall safety

■ Minimize property acquisition

■ Minimize environmental impacts

■ Do not preclude future infrastructure improvements

I-515 Bridge Replacements

■ Replace structurally deficient bridge superstructures

■ Complete bridge replacement work as a combined project with the I-515 Viaduct Rehab Project to:

     1. Reduce total time under construction
     2. Eliminate conflicts between multiple construction operations
     3. Combine traffic control phasing to maximize efficiency and minimize cost

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